Friday, July 29, 2011

S.S. Water falls Trekking Blog

Trekking camp on 24 July 2011
S.S. water falls, Near Indore
It's a new distination found by Outdoor Adventures Members ( Orions), We did rekkie beore gon=ing this new exciting trek.
.we all assembled at sharp 8 am and depart by Bus to our Distination.

Beautiful Birds flying with Us..

Crossing teh river many Times
Our Group is moving towards wate falls

Spreading seedballs in Forest-- After alll We have to save our forest..who else....

Descending o steep valley--we tier the ropes and other equipments...

Brieffing do's and don't

The Group at Velly

Returning ...

Another Water falls


Group at Water falls

Return to Indore at Our Office...
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ala'a al-zoubi said...

hey , am here to tell u how was the great trip i did last week ... amazing trips to wadi hasa overnight and 5 days trip from dana to petra unbelievable days i had with tropical desert in jordan see the website and enjoy the pictures and the videos woooow ...