Monday, March 7, 2011

Night Camping near Choral dam

It's the Moon less dark night, nothing is visible without torch....the zenith point is just awesome...the voice of Jackal and Dogs..the fighting sound of cats just near the camp site... a huge water body in front of our camps...and the heart beats with lots of Fun and Games..this is just a scene from our one Day no.. one night Camping at Choral dam, near Indore...conducted on 5 and 6 March 2011.
Members and Volvo group assembled at new office and after short briefing we moved by our cars and 6 bikes to the camping site... on route we manage to view beautiful Sun set of Mhow hills, and then proceed to camping site. at this moment time was 7.00 pm and we got the day light just for 10 minuets. we have cleaned the camping ground and after a demo of tent pitching all are involve in pitching their own tents..if a great experience to the members because many have done this for the first time.
Till this time Mr. n Mrs. & Poornima n Arunima reached with most awaited Dinner Packet, soon Manoj Khandelwal and his family also joins us. we enjoyed dinner under the beautiful shinning stars. After delicious Dinner..we moved for a Hike, the path was along the Reservoir and a hill, we did some star gazing, as there are no lights, no moon it was a completely dark night and the stars are shining like anything, we teaches members to find North Star, few constellations like Orion, Leo, Taurus, Auriga, Great Bear, Arcturus, Virgo etc.. on returning all members are eager to collect the fire wood for a camp fire.
We all enjoyed the lovely songs, till 2.00 am , After Dog n the Bone game some want to sleep and some don't want, for those who don't want we played MAFIA Group game, initiative by Dheeraj of Impetus, it's was excellent game and it was ended up at morning 4. am, again the hunger for Songs sticks and Mahesh Mathur started Parda hai Parda...Amit as usual capturing everybody on video, till now 6.00 am , we all witness the fantastic view of Sun Rise and after tea and Breakfast
(Prepared by Reena Jain, Poornima, Poornima saran), Tea by Mr. Khandelwal..we moved to Jam fort and return to home at 10.00am.
Statics -
Date - 5 n 6 March 2011
Nos - 36 members
Bikes - 8 Bikes
Cars - 8
Activities - Tent Pitching, trekking, Star Gazing, Camp winding up, Team Games, camp Fire, Visit to Historic Place, Biking and Long drive.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New Office Premises

We have shifted our Office to new Place