Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Kondagaon, Dist Bastar, Adventure

Last days I was in Bastar District to conduct an adventure camp at Kondagaon. A Town rather village and i found it much differ then what I think. very well settled and equipped. I organized Zorbing, Commando bridge, River rossing, Net Climbing etc for the sports minister of chhatisgarh. the Croud was descent and during star gazing our all conversation was in English.. amazing....
good experience over all and it change the defination of beyond raipur...
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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Mahadeo Gufa trekking camp -12 July 09

(1) Report on Mahadeo Gufa Trekking camp held on 12th July 09 :- this was the first trek on this season and what a trek.. what a trek….really fantastic weather good group and spiral waterfall…. New term b’cos it’s flowing like it…

First time we made reporting at Our Chetak center office. We celebrated Orion’s Rishab Birthday ( don’t ask which) and cake cutting and depart by Two private buses to Mahadeo gufa. We had good breakfast with hot tea at Kample and then proceed further. We started our trek at 11.00 and we reach at the verge of valley at 12.00 pm. As the descend is little rocky we tied the anchor and everybody descending with the safety rope..we reached huge cave locals thing that the cave is sooooo deep that it reached Ujjain…ha ha ha and there are tigers inside.. again ha ha but it’s really deep and there is stone of Shiva lingam. WE enjoyed spiral Waterfall .. then Special Trekking bite for Orion’s like Mud Sliding and Climbing on 45 degree and more slippery surface… everybody appreciated our efforts.
About Orion’s :- We would like to mention that Orions is a group of dedicated experienced persons and we regular organizing the training for them. Last Sunday we organized a river crossing with ABC method and knots session on Kshipra River…
Back to mahadeo gufa .. after enjoying food and waterfall we reached top and introduced ourselves… then return to our Buses.. on the trek we experienced wonder showers..Ye tammanna bhi pure ho gaye… on return journey we had tea at kample .
Group Leader – Amit Jain, Mahesh mathur, Dr. Veena Bhatt
Total Strength – 89 youngest was Aaru (1 ½ years) and many new members from CSC, HM, Chhajlani Computers Ujjain, CAT

Muhadi Water Fall Trek on 2 nd Aug 09

(1) Report on Muhadi Water Fall – one day trekking camp
Date : 2nd August,09
Participants : 79
What a trek..What a trek… WHAT a TREK.. it’s awesome… there will no other way to spend the Sunday other then Trekking with Outdoor Adventures… good weather and fantastic group.. not only descend people but ready to follow the code of Mountais…zeal for adventures…and a thought to save nature …rather not to harm nature and …this is an easy and most comfortable way to save your Nature and forest.

Reporting was made at the Outdoor Adventure Office i.e. Chetak Center at 8.00 am . after signing Indemnity bond and other formalities all set to board on Private Bus to Muhadi fall…On a way Dhammal Starts with lodes of Songs. Weather is good and upcountry is green…truly green.. Some members are geared on their own vehicle… Dr. Rajawat, Dr. Virani, Dr. R.D. Maheshwari, & other families & Individuals… Apart from these all are board on bus..Jo maja sab ke saath hai vo akale jaana me nahi…
We reach a new way some where in jungle and after assigning a roll no. we had breakfast…. And after briefing about trekking and introduction of ORION’s and Group Leader i.e. Rishabh Jain & Rahul Gorey . .we started our trek. After some interaction with villagers we reached verge of the waterfall. And here we witness first glimpse of spectacular waterfall Muhadi Seriese of waterfall.

We fixed some climbing rope to descend down . also brief about Charlie Chapline style of Descending - -Our style only.. through which one can easily descend. As we are approaching towards Water Fall every body’s heart pumping too much to see the big… really big waterfall and wants’ to go as close as possible…with the help of ORION’s and other experienced members all reached very near to fall and so close if one extended their hand they can fee it… ORION’s took initiative to explore the fall and safety round and then in a group of 4 ~ 5 nos. everybody got a chance to go behind the water curtain made by Fall. It’s an amazing experience to go behind the wall..water wall…I can’t describe the experience jo vaha gaya he vohi he experience kar sakta hai We have made ORION’s Mahesh as a anchor ( cos he is quite heavy …sorry…) to tie the rope and other ORION’s become wall between Safe and dangerous place.
After experience the water every body enjoyes their tiffin..rather they are enjoying others… and a Group picture in front of water fall and start ascending on the mountain… it’s always easy to climb then go down… as we reached top the Thandi taazi hava like Air conditioner energizes us. and after crossing the village and fun we rtrek till our Bus and born on.. near ralamandel we enjoyed hot tea . .on travel we sung song like anything… jitney aate thy sab ga liye .around 7 we reached Our Office at Chetak center and depart with good unforgettable… memorable… energizer…. Refreshing…. Amazing… day…a day to remember life long.. to charge u simply we can say FOR US SUNDAY MEANS MORE….