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Chandrakhani Pass Trekking Camp - 18 to 29 May 2010


18th – 28th MAY 2010….a report
We are the part of 12 days trekking expedition - organized by, Conducted in Parvati Valley, Kullu District.. from 18 May to 29 May.. Here are the details..

This camp has a versatile group of Families, Friends, Individuals and kids from Various parts of India.. Our trip starts from Indore...
Participants list -
Dr. Raju Keshwani, Dr. Veena Keshwani, Vaibhav Keshwani, Gaurav Keshwani, Mr. Murlidhar Batra, Mrs. Rekha Batra, Mr. Manoj Shewani, Swati Batra, Mrs. Usha Shewani, Mohita Shewani, Aum Shewani, Himanshu Agrawal, Abha Anand, Abhay Lunawat, Swajal, Anurima rawat, Mr. Anand, Aakanksha Kasliwal,
Ravi Maheshwari, Shriddha, Manali, Resham, Seema Rotwal, Aditya Jain, Saloni Jain, Shikha, Priyanka Julania, Pallavi Julania, Katik Gupta, Sammer Verma, Aditya Kulkarni, Yash Premchandani, Siddhaarth Arora, Muskan Arora, Sunny Jain, Deepesh, Jai Mehta, Siddharth Gandhi, Ishani Sharma, Priya Verma, Aditya Rangrajan, Aman Premchandani, Harsh Mehta, Aman Pree singh, Tanay haryani, Nishit sahaj Ramani, Preetam Chhajed, Aditi Jian. Khushboo Garg, Prashant Garg, Ayush jain, Aditya Balwani, Prigya Bagdi, Richa bagdi, Akshita parasrampuria, Dev Chhugani, Kirti Chhugani, Krish Chhugani, Manav Chhugani
Shrad Maheshwari, Rakesh Jain = 61 No.

Day 1 - 18 May- Indore to Delhi - as the group is too big and having scatter reservations ( as usual kuch log der se jagte hai) and some participants Richa, Pragya, Fruity ( Sorry I forget the real name Fruity) and Sharad.. are the 11th hour participants .. but any way as we are moving on Adventure trip .. everything is managed.. we are going for that only...enjoyed Tiffin Party on Chalti train and sleep.

Day 2 - 19 May - Reached Delhi - Given the counting nos. and they should remember till the end of’s the way how we keep check on the group also.. loaded on Maruti van - and reached Hotel .. A/c Dilli ki garmi Having breakfast in rooms, lunch at darbar restaurant - -
delicious....yummy... and in the evening we board on to bus for Manali - -Himachal Pradesh - -the land of snow...really... had Dinner at Ambala at Mirchi restaurant...on the way lots of songs, and playing dumb charades

Day 3 - 20 May - Early morning we reached Mandi at Valley View - For Freshening up and Breakfast ... Our bus is moving along with the river Beas -- from Kullu we took the right bank of river and
reached Naggar (A Town near Manali) - once the capital of Kullu - we transfer from a sumo to base camp . .it's on the lovely planes . .surrounded by thick pine forests - River is flowing down and snow peaks are just in front of us...a marvellous scene. an idle location to live...
We decided to go to Rohatang pass next day so just went for the acclimatization walk today -- Even after the hectic traveling , surprisingly everybody is charged... and ready to do the walk ..all lined up and start first trek.. for somebody it's first ever experience of walking in Himalayan's steep .. little tough trek...lekin hoslo ki udan ucchi hoti hai --all managed to climb - specially Dev Chhugani - Hats Off to Him - kyo - jo gaye the vo jante hai - and Krishh - the hero of the group ..4 years kid...kya energy . .kya power...- -we reached a waterfall have some home made snacks.. some photography and return back while collecting fire wood for camp next day we have to go for Rohatang Pass -so collecting money is the task of Priyanka & Aditya...good Job -- some kids had problem with money so i paid ( which I received back at Indore), maximum people agreed to join. we blocked vehicle -5 - evening all settled after dinner into the tents. before that we had a camp fire with Mumbai group..Good Night - first ever experience for somebody in tents.. all the best...

Day 4 - 21 May=wake up early . After Short & Long Trek ( meaning -ask participants) and little bit of Exercise all set to leave.. we noted the nos. and depart.. it' s a long journey. on the way some people had taken snow boots and dress.. looking like astronauts.. had breakfast en route..reached Glaciers, then we brief about Snow ,

condition, Step making, Ascending & Descending, traversing, etc techniques .. so that negotiating the snow would be easier...i made the gala sliding rail . .and all enjoyed the fulltu snow.. making snow, snow balls rockets... snow scooters...i derived . .amazing experience... we came back at base camp by evening.. allotted rugsack, all of us gathered in one tent and after Brief Introduction we had given tips to pack the bag and essential things to carry.. cos next morning goup departure for camp 1 will start - -trekking ...night stay at camp...Kafi Thak Gaye the...

Day 5 - 22 May - Morning was excellent the snow peaks looks golden behind the tent... after morning kriya kalap we all geared for trek, after orientation and a carry bag to collect garbage specially polyethylene. we distributed caps, and Ho Hall... and a group pic we all depart - but wait on energiser is miss.. THUMS UP--Thums Down--Elbow Up- Elbow Down - -Knee- Down- --Feet Apart—Bums Out -- JICUZA - -JICUZA-- what a exercise.. great full of energy.. it was steep trek - as told but weather was superb and with good group we climbed slowly and reached Maggi point - -and a beautiful Thatch ( meadows), on the train we had lots of snaps, snacks, songs, Himalayan peaks are just in front of us

.. kuch kuch thandak ka eahasas ho raha tha.. i reached camp i at 5 with little rains so cold waves penetrating us - really cold - in Indore temperature was 45 and here 6 degree. Noodles, Hot n sour soup, Manchurian, Chopsey etc are waiting for us…We had Gala camp Fire and watched leopard in the forest.. at night 2 pm..many voices of wild animals make the environment thrilling & Exciting…

Day 6 – 23 May = As told that the trek to camp 2 will not so difficult .. so everybody relaxes . .after roll call and Hip hip hurray.. . a group picture and depart to camp 2.. an easy climb and then traverse…a

camp site on slope - -how these people can manage to construct it.. all 20 man tents and pitched ..good sunny day.. we played drum charades and evening have camp fire.. again waiting for few animals but noting is visible…a pretty relaxed day.

Day 7 – 24 May – The Finest day.. we all set to move for Chandrakhani Pass. Packed the rake sake -- water bottle, snacks, and we moved . .as we know that Mumbai Group couldn’t reach the chandrakhani pass - -so we want to reach till top.. all are charges and full of energy . .I am navigating the path on GPS…as every body reached till Maggi Point . .and then few taking rest and rest move forwarded for chandrakhani pass… as we are approaching towards pass the redendordon flowers spreade on entire meadows. A awesome vies.. somebody told Krish to stop here . .and he start crying.. that he want to go forward.. Kamall Hai we are moving with listning some stories . .1 2 3… and as we approached chandrakhani pass … suddenly the 360 degree view appears.. we are at the ridge.. on one side snow and other side dry… amazing pass. There is one beautiful temple full of stones and flags…we have taken many snaps . .with Outdoor Flag high up in the air….
As we reached chandrakhani pass . .our temptation for climbing more risen up and me , Samer, Aditya and Prigya desided to climb the JODO peak.. and adjoining peak with the pass .. I handed over the walkie to the last group including Sharad, Yash, Priyianka, Ravi … and .. our small expedition to peak starts.. on the way we had some biscuits and water.. climbing slowly cos there was no route so we have to climb by traversing method.. we had ropes on.. and slowly and concisely we climbed the JODO peak a 4000 meter high peak and the view from here was just superb… all the peaks Devtibba, Aliratna Tibba, Indra Kila, Tiger Tooth, Friendhip, Shitidhar, Hanuman Tibba, Ladhaki , Manali and many other Himalayan Peaks are visible.. winds are chilli and the presser is high .. but the excitement of climbing a Himalayan peak is very high so No Garmi—No sardi we have communicated our achievement to the walkie team . .and they congratulate us . .. we had taken many snaps and congratulate to each other.. and then the dangerous pert - -descend down from the peak… we rope up to each other and with traversing method we manage to come down and the latterly running to the camp.. reached Maggi point—our base tent had arrnged HOT TEA and MAGGI for us . thanks to them…after eating we rushed to camp 2 - -
We had good camp fire . .the lights of Manali Town is visible … again we had good time at camp fire and searching for wild life…not found…
Chanderkhani Pass
Here is a trekking route that is steeped in legend and offers some great views of Deo Tibba and the Pin Parvati range of mountains. The story goes that that thousands of years ago, Jamlu (the presiding deity of Malana) was carrying a basket containing Gods of Kullu. On the top of the pass when he opened the basket, a very strong wind blew the Gods all over Kullu valley to their present abodes. Since then the valley is known as the Valley of Gods. The trek provides an excellent insight into the traditions of this valley apart from some great outdoors. Chanderkhani Pass is one of the most popular trekking routes in the Kullu Valley at a height of 12,190 ft. providing an awesome and breathtaking view of some of the most beautiful snow clad mountain peaks. The trek route passes through dense forests with a variety of botanical species of thick and colourful foliage emanating enchanting fragrance, compelling passerby to view and appreciate the raw natural beauty. You may also meet simple Himachali folks who are proud of their land, culture and heritage.

Day 8 - 25 May – this day trek was descend through the beautiful meadows… thick forest…we don’t want to go because now out trekking is moving towards the end .. and no body wants to go back … any way jana to hai it’s easy descend till the camp 3 – a beautiful camp site.. compact… and full of

activities. Trekkers enjoyed Burma Bridge & River crossing activity and many team games like Coin communication… Sheep & Shepred, we have camp fire at night - a beautiful night in beautiful tents..not vey cold . a cozey night…

Day 9 -26 May – No body want to go back . .last group sit down on the ground and spending the time by clicking pictures… cos it take time and they want to spend as much as time in the lap of Nature… Aakhir jana pada and very slowly we had started out trek to base .on the route we visited a school and

surptice to see that the sincerity of the students.. after taking many rest and with the GPS we reached base camp .. ..somebody had taken bath ….after a 6 day trek . .and somebody want to stretch more . .few plans to go for rafting and few to Manali…shraddha taken the lead and collect the money…we booked Maruti vanes for that.. camp fire whole night .. wow.. what an amazing day...memorable...

Day 10 -27 May – As per plan groups depart for Rafting and Manali .. .I was with the kids so visiting Manali – One Bodha poornima festival was celebrating in the monasteries . .we witness this moment . .a rear chance to us…and then Hidimba Temple . .the weather was just awesome… people are flying in the air … small rain drops make the environment . .a truly amazing… kids enjoying the picture with Angora rabbit…Yak .. and around Temple…

We return back after having Chinese in restaurant and the return journey is also a beautiful and the cold wind force us to sing a song – Aaj Mausum Bada Baiman Hai.. bada Baiman Haii .. aaj Mausum .. aane wala koi toofan hai koi ..toofan hai aaj mausum.. We back to Base camp . .and board on bus to Delhi… Dinner at Mandi
Day 11 – 28 May – Reach Delhi by the noon . .shifted to Hotel ..everybody want to go for bath .. .they got chance… at evening we shift to Station and board on Train…
Day 12 – 29 May – reached Indore Station after having full hungama in train …we all depart by promice to meet again in next trip or in next year…

Trekking a trolley paradise experience. .this is Life….

Many Thanks to Samar Verma to become front man, Aditya Kulkarni for Last man, Keshwani family for Supporting us in medical treatment, Swajal for Rope Master, Shraddha n Priyanka for Handling the Accounts, Abha n Anand for time management, Krish and dev chugani for inspiring us and directely or indirectely all the participants with out help and support we can’s do a successful and memorable trek…
It’s a lifer changing moment for somebody…energizer moment … refreshing moment..and it gives a different way of life.. “Look beyond your reach .. and destination will follow…” Rakesh

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Dainik Bhaskar 2June 2010

Patrika 3 June